Straw: Pellets

Possibly the easiest way to grow oyster mushrooms. You can also grow golden reishi on straw pellets. The method detailed below describes slight variations depending on the type of crop container. The ratios of pellets to water can change slightly depending on the source/quality of the pellet. In general the formula below is a good starting point. The substrate is obviously much higher that using chopped straw so air exchange is a concern, care must be taken to prevent any kind of compaction.


  • Bag or Bucket
  • Clean container
  • 1kg Straw Pellets
  • 2.2l water
  • 100-200g Spawn


Bag Cropping Container

Add straw pellets to a clean container, a large stainless steel bowl of pot is ideal and wipe down the inside with alcohol or bleach spray.

Add correct amount of grain spawn (10-20% dry weight of substrate), with clean hands and forearms gently mix into the pellets.

Add half the amount of water pouring evenly over the mixture, wait a few minutes and in the same way add the remaining water.

Cover and leave for 30mins – 1 hour until water is fully absorbed.

Carefully add the mixture to the bag allowing it to fall evenly into the bag.

Once full tie off the bag and cut the fruiting X points into the bag. I add multiple puncture points with a scalpel to increase aeration. You can now buy perforated bags for this purpose.


Bucket Cropping Container


Add the required amount of straw pellets and spawn into the bucket.

Evenly pour a quarter to half of the water over the mixture. Wait a few minutes and pour in the remaining water.

Attach the lid and incubate


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