Shotgun Fruiting Chamber

A shotgun fruiting chamber is a simple and effective setup used in mushroom cultivation. This chamber provides the ideal conditions for the fruiting stage of mushroom growth, creating a high-humidity environment while allowing for proper air exchange. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a shotgun fruiting chamber:

Materials you’ll need:

  • Plastic storage container with a lid: A clear or translucent container works best, as it allows for light level.
  • Perlite: A lightweight, porous material that retains moisture and provides humidity.
  • Hygrometer: To monitor the humidity level inside the chamber.
  • Drill with a 6mm drill bit: For creating holes in the container.

Steps to create a shotgun fruiting chamber:

1. Prepare your container:

  • Clean the plastic container to ensure it’s free of any potential contaminants.
  • Drill holes in the container’s lid, sides and base to allow for air exchange. Make sure the holes are evenly spaced (10-15cm) and approximately 6mm in diameter. These holes should be large enough to allow air to flow but small enough to prevent contaminants from entering.

2. Fill the bottom with perlite:

  • Pour a layer of perlite about 5-7cm deep into the bottom of the container. Now soak the perlite with water (allowing to drain from the base). The remaining water on the perlite will slowly evaporate to help maintain humidity.

3. Add a hygrometer (Optional):

  • Place a hygrometer inside the chamber to monitor the humidity level. You can read it through one of the holes or attach it to the side.

4. Place your mushroom fruiting trays inside:

  • Once your shotgun fruiting chamber is set up and the conditions are stable, place your mushroom substrates inside the chamber.

5. Monitor and maintain conditions:

Keep an eye on the humidity and inside the chamber, spray the perlite and sides of the container to maintain moisture levels (do not spray the substrate or mushrooms). For regular fresh air exchange (2x per day) remove the lid and wave over the container.

The shotgun fruiting chamber should provide a high-humidity environment with good air exchange (if you are there to maintain it), which is crucial for the fruiting stage of mushroom growth. It’s essential to maintain cleanliness and proper environmental conditions to avoid contamination and ensure a successful harvest so you may need to wash the container after a couple of flushes and change the perlite (you can clean it in a bleach solution) after discoloration appears.



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