Rye Grain (Organic) 1kg


We are very fortunate to be able to offer this Bio-dynamic Rye Grain. We are using this grain in the production of our grain spawn but  this is, of course, also a food product of the highest quality.

Description: 1.5kg of certified Organic and Demeter (Biodynamic) Rye Grain, grown in the UK, ideal for use as a mushroom growing substrate for bulk spawn expansion but also for other purposes as this food grade top quality rye grain. We choose to use the best quality grain in the spawn we develop. This Rye Grain is sourced form a UK Organic certified Boi-dynamic farm. We find find that it hydrates much faster with less burst kernels than other sources of Organic grain.
Directions for Use: For more details on the process of sterilising Rye Grain for bulk spawn expansion see:
Sterilising Rye Grain

Storage: Cool, dry & hygienic; away from direct light & strong odours.

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Weight 1000 g


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