Shiitake (Fruiting Blocks)

Following the method of making fruiting blocks with shiitake you can make quite firm hardy blocks that will give multiple flushes. Most hardwood sawdust is sufficient but oak performs the best. Supplementing with woodchip (fresh) is also an option.


Incubate in the dark as this will help stimulate fruiting once exposed to light after the spawn run.

Temp: 21-27c

Time: 4 weeks


As the mycelium ages it begins to brown. When the bag is fully mycelliated and you can observe this browning place the bag in the light and this skin will start to become irregular and warty, some these warts will begin to bulge. It is now time to set the block into the fruiting conditions. Unlike other species grown on block you will want to remove the block from the bag. Carefully cut the bag away from the block and set it in you fruiting area.

Once the first flush is harvested rest for a few days then cold shock the block into fruiting again. Submerge the block in water for 12-24 hours and re-initiate in your fruiting area.

Temp: 16-21c

Humidity: 80-90%

CO2: <500ppm

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