Outdoor Growing

Choosing to cultivate mushrooms outdoors can be less intensive than maintaining an grow room but obviously more dependant on the changing seasons, more suseptable to pests and will take longer to fruit the mushroom from the point of inoculation.

Log Culture 

There are a variety applications for innoculated logs depending on the speices.

Log Trench

Log Raft

Log Totem

Mushroom Bed

As usual, it depends on the species, but the simplest is the use of layered woodchip suitable for species such as King Stropharia. Below are some variations on this theme used for other species that work well with horticulture.

Woodchip Bed Cultivation

Elm Oyster Bed

Wood Blewitt Bed


Polytunnels and Cloches

In order to provide a degree of control over fruiting conditions covered spaces can be used such as utilising polytunels and making cloches. However, this still this limitations with regard to seasonal variations.

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