Liquid Culture

Since the development of the DIY airport lid in 2005 the many beneifits of liquid culture have become readily accessible for the home grower. These are some of the advantages that liquid culture offers:

  1. Saves Time: Much quicker and easies to manage than agar
  2. Cheap: Simple ingredients and you can reuse all the equipment, you can even use a hot bath methods of sterilising rather than a pressure cooker.
  3. Fast Growing: The 3 deminsional growth combine with the total fragmentation of the myclelium when aerated means significantly quick mycelliation than agar.
  4. Quick Innoculation: Sparyed on the growing media  the liquid perlocates through the substrate giving a much more even distribution.

However, there are a couple of disadvanatages when compared to using agar media:

  1. Contamination: It can be difficult to tell in the LC is contaminated and virtually impossible to remove any contaminates. So care is needed when developing your LC technique.
  2. Using Spores/Creating Strains: Using spores in LC It is not possible to isolate strains and there is a higher rick of contamination.

The main techniques you will need to consider in adopting an Liquid Culture practice are as follows:

Sterilising LIquid Media

Cloning with Lquid Media

Inoculating Liquid Culture with Agar

Liquid to Liquid Transfer

Liquid Culture Recipes

Liquid Culture Growth and Development




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