Liquid Culture Recipes

There are more complex Liquid Culture but simplest recipes work well. We just use organic honey. Many cultivators use corn syrup. Bare in mind that the carbon source (usually sugar) should be more than than 4% of the entire formula. Sucrose is avoid and dextrose should not be used alone. Additional sources of nutriona can redult in a cloudy media which can make it difficult to identify contamination. Here are three examples of Liquid Culture recipes to make 500ml of media:

Honey LC

  • 10g honey (organic)

Malt Dextrose LC

  • Dextrose 10g
  • Light Malt Extract 10g

Complete LC

  • Malt 10g
  • Peptone 1g
  • Yeast 0.3g
  • Vegetable OIl 5 drops
  • Ground Grain 1g



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