Lions Mane

Growing Lions Mane on fruiting blocks can be frustrating as the mycelium will begin to pin prematurely, before full colonisation. To prevent this from happening you need to completely reduce the oxygen during the incubation phase. Following the method of making fruiting blocks use unicorn style polypropylene bags. Once spawned gently squeeze the air from the bag (do not compress the substrate) and seal the bag below the filter patch or seal the bag then fold the top down over the filter patch.


Temp: 21-27c

Duration: 3-4 week



Carefully cut an X into the side of the bag where you want the fruitbody to form. As it grow the spines will cascade downwards so if using shelves they need to be placed on the edge or raised on the shelf.  It will fruit multiple times over 2 months or so just leave the block in the fruiting conditions but cut further X’s on the other sides of the bag, after multiple flushes the block is structurally weak and prone to contamination.

Temp: 16-20c

Humidity 80-95%

CO2: <500ppm

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