Indoor Growing

One easy method to grow mushroom indoors is to make a simple growing chamber with a plastic storage container.

In short, you can use perlite, an industrial mineral with a crystalline structure, to slowly evaporate water in a clear plastic container thereby creating an environment with close to 100% humidity. This will prevent your exposed mycelium from drying out.


  • 50l plastic storage container
  • perlite


  • drill
  • 3mm drill bit
  • 1mm drill bit


  • drill 3mm holes about 2 inches apart on the sides and lid of the box
  • using 1mm drill bit sparsely drill holes in bottom of container
  • soak the perlite and drain
  • fill the container with 3-4 inches of perlite
  • place your substrate on a lid or similar surface on top of the perlite
  • follow the growth parameters of the mushroom you are trying to cultivate and good luck!
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