Growing Schemes

We have designed a series growing schemes for the species listed below outlining the materials, methods and time involved in producing 10kg of the mushroom species in question. This can then be scaled accordingly.


Almond Portabello

Turkey Tail (Log Culture)

Wood Blewitt

King Stropharia

King Oyster



Lions Mane

Growing Lions Mane on fruiting blocks can be frustrating as the mycelium will begin to pin prematurely, before full colonisation. To prevent this from happening you need to completely reduce…

Oyster (Straw Pellets)

Oyster (Straw)

Shiitake (Fruiting Blocks)

Following the method of making fruiting blocks with shiitake you can make quite firm hardy blocks that will give multiple flushes. Most hardwood sawdust is sufficient but oak performs the…

Shiitake (Log Culture)


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