4. Fruiting and Harvest

Bringing a substrate to fruition will require careful considerations of the space and infrastructure available with respect to the scale of the cultivation scheme. There are issues around energy use, pest and diseaes, processing and storage of harvested fruitbodies as well post harvest processing of spent substrates. In general, there is a choice of outdoor cultivation which is more suseptible to seasonal climatic variotions and pests; or indoor cultivation where the environmental factors can be controlled.

Indoor Growing

Mushroom Grow Tent

Adapting an inexpensive PVC greenhouse into a small grow “tent” is a simple way to scale-up from the Shotgun fruiting chamber.  Modifying a 4-tier greenhouse or the slightly larger “walk-in”…

Shotgun Fruiting Chamber

A shotgun fruiting chamber is a simple and effective setup used in mushroom cultivation. This chamber provides the ideal conditions for the fruiting stage of mushroom growth, creating a high-humidity…

Outdoor Growing

Log Trench

Log Totem

Log Raft


This is a design for a cloche to cover a trench culture of Reishi or Maitake. However, this could also be used for other methods of creating mushroom beds for…


Woodchip Bed Cultivation

Choosing a Location You are looking for a semi shaded spot in your garden, somewhere that you will pass often enough to notice when the mushrooms begin to grow. It…

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