Cloning a Mushroom Strain

In the same way to can clone a mushroom onto agar you can culture directly into liquid culture from a fresh fruitbody, In short you are making a biopsy of a mushroom using scalpul and placing the tissue in the centre of the petri dish. Working with agar media requires working in a sterile envrinment. This can be achieved by using a stil air box or in front of a HEPA filtered air flow.


  • 1 prepared perti dish with agr media
  • Alcohol spray (ISO Propynol diluted to 70%)
  • Bunsen Burner / Alcohol Lamp / Gas Lighter
  • 1 fresh mushroom
  • Parafilm or Micropore Tape
  • Scalpul



  1. Making sure you have cleaned the mushroom before bringing it into your sterile work envirnment, slice it in half. Now either sterilse the scalpul in the flame or have another scapul on hand. Making three light incisions you should be able to caeful cut out a small piece of the tissue.
  2. Take off the petri dish lid and place the tissue into the centre of the agar media.
  3. Seal the petri dish and label with species, date and that this is a clone.
  4. Incubate somewhere warm and clean
  5. You may need to transfer the growing mycellium away from contamination (sectoring) until you have isolated your culture as a P0.
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